Training Course di ONE Indonesia pt

we ofter full or partial events management services for small, medium, or large scale events as the following.

Align your training needs with your bussiness goals and objectives as well as the company’s values and culture. we can tailor a training program to match your organization’s needs elther by adapting and existing program or developing a new one. we can assist with one or more of the steps involved in the development process consulting. training audit/needs assessment design & development. implementation and evaluation.

In preparing course materials. we would conduct interview and field observation of clients facilities and the course could also be conducted in the clients or our training fasilities. clients company located outside jakarta could request our fasilities in jakarta to broaden the perspective of the staff.

Management Consulting Company

Management Consulting Company

  Exercise for the courses are developed base on common cases found in the clients operations and are conducted directly in the fields. besides our trainers. the courses often involve the clients senior staff to deliver parts of the materials. exemples of training course are team building leadership. pre-retirement HAZOP.HSE.etc..

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Seminar and FAMILY Gathering di ONE Indonesia pt

CONSULTING di ONE Indonesia pt

contact : Tiara 0898 6163 6629 PIN BB 305974EA


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